Game times, television designations announced for 2023-24 schedule


New tv deal is going be brutal for b1g basketball


I have Peacock, but it is a goddamn crime not have the MSU game on TV

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It has really killed the Premier League’s popularity in the US.

At least the two BTN+ games are doable with a one-month subscription. I think in the past they’ve sometimes been spread over two.


Yeah that’s a completely different sport that has been organically growing in the us for decades and has a large hardcore dedicated group of fans. CBB popularity is declining and the b1g just lost the main marketer of the sport(ESPN) and made it way more difficult for its fringe/bandwagon fans to watch it. This is similar to the nhl leaving ESPN after the lockout.


34 Peacock games total (20 conference, 12 non-conf, first two of the BTT):


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The Palestra game is a Penn St home game for ticketing purposes and league designation correct? It will be a neutral site game for the committee though right?

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I expect it will be designated a road game for the NET/committee purposes:

See here for how some of this was sorted out last year:

As far as tickets, yes like a PSU home game. And Michigan has 10 home games so it counts as a “road game” in that sense.

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Tickets for the Palestra game are going on sale at a later date according to PSU’s official site. Perhaps the worst thing about Peacock is the delay they are on compared to other networks when streaming. Going to have to stay off twitter/live threads/live lines during timeouts even for those games. It’s a huge problem when watching EPL games.

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Peacock definitely got the top tv draw programs too, this wasnt putting bad games on streaming like it was for football.

The Peacock declared a 978 million dollar 4th quarter loss in 2022 and they estimate a 3 billion dollar loss for 2023. Executives are still positive optimistic it will improve but I don’t think they have any alternative. Premier League might be more popular but I would say it has very little to do with The Peacock. Hopefully Peacock gets it’s stuff together when 18 teams hit the B1G but I am skeptical. Next year you will get the top 3 conference games on Fox/CBS/NBC(night game). So yes you will still see decent teams on Peacock but they still have a long way to go as a streaming option.

The delay is interesting as far as noticing it compared to YouTube TV. I hated the delay of streaming when I had real cable (and still do to some extent) but I haven’t noticed Peacock being worse than other things. I’ve just had to kind of adjust everything due to everything being streaming at this point.

As long as these games are limited to one streaming service, I can live with it. If it starts spreading to multiple, my god is that going to be an even bigger headache.

I am hating the amount of Peacock content. I am sure the B1G/Peacock strategy is to carry enough good games to force subscriptions. BTN+ never had enough compelling content to make me subscribe. I don’t want to subscribe to Peacock out of principle, but I guess I will at least consider it.

I guess it works out if you’re a fan of Big Ten college sports and the Premier League

Just shoot Peacock into the sun. Indiana, MSU, Purdue, and Illini games are slated to be broadcast on this channel.


Dylan idk about you, but last two Arsenal Peacock games I’ve had massive glitching and streams breaking. And then would search Peacock on Twitter and see hundreds of people attacking them for the same thing. I’m in the camp that I’m fine with it being on Peacock, as long as it works. Missing 5 mins because the stream breaks really really really sucks.

I think the last two games I watched on Peacock were the UM FB game and the Man City/Wolves game and I didn’t have any issues. But yeah obviously a poor product is a negative if it doesn’t work.

Dylan do you think this is a good way to showcase the conference? Indiana-Purdue is one of the top basketball rivalries in the country. That game being on the Peacock is like UNC-Duke being on ESPN3 or ESPN+ but i doubt we see that. How is this a good showcase for the conference?