Game recap request for editors from new subscriber

To the editors, would it be possible for you guys to publish box scores w your game recaps that contain advanced metrics like plus/minus and others. Thanks

Good idea. Not sure how feasible, but I can try to pull something together like that.

Anything else you guys would want to see? Main things for me would be to split 2PA/3PA. Maybe include eFG%.

I know mgoblog puts the KenPom box score in their recaps but I’m not sure how you’d feel about that since it’s paywalled information.

I am no expert, and dont know how hard it is, but maybe you publish a second box score, below the existing one that has all the advanced stats and tbe more the better as far as I am concerned. Would aso be great to have a glossary link to the explanation of what it is/ how its calculated. Not sure where I have seen this but pretty sure one of the sites has this.

eFG% would be great.

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I was hoping to see rebounding margin and raw fg%


+/- is the number one thing I’d like to see in the box scores. Find it really useful when analyzing performances.

Do you guys really find +/- that interesting on a team that only plays 6 or 7 guys?

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I am aware of its shortcomings but I still like it. I agree that if you are only adding one advanced stat, it should not be first, but if you are adding a few, or a second box score, as I am advocating, it should be part of the tool-kit.


I can see the “XXX got a -10 in this game, he shouldn’t play anymore” posts intensifying already. :rofl::rofl:

I like it for the other teams too. Interesting in seeing if there’s things like a specific player match-up that Michigan may have exploited or one player that really carved them up.

My point is that they are often unrelated. You think a plus minus is telling you X but it really is due to Y.

Love the enthusiasm from new subscribers…welcome to the best hoops team site on the net. Still, let’s show some decorum… Making requests as a newb is liking walking into a party and telling the host what they’re missing. No couth. smh. :wink: