Game 9: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread

Man these rims are playing tough today. 3 shots in and out already.

I hate nance

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Is Pete Nance Dickinsoning us because he didn’t end up at Michigan?

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I’m deeply sorry you take sports forums so seriously :v:

3s truly are the great equalizer. We’ve been thoroughly dominated thus far and it’s only a 1 point game

I haven’t predicted Michigan to win in years. works for basketball!

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Thoroughly dominated? We’ve had wide open shot shots every possession we didn’t turn it over

When did Brooks become so quick.


Scouting report: inadequate.

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Only down 1 back in it.

ROFLMAO. Exactly! It’s either a wide open shot or a turnover.

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Way to settle in after getting punched in the mouth


He is really forcing things right now. Needs to be more willing to give it up right away if he doesn’t have good position

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Franz’s length made that happen. The strides and wingspan got him to the basket from the arc in 2.5 steps.


Great find.

May be better to use hunter as bait right now

I can’t believe we have become a post and space program and I also can’t believe how much I love it


Franz really seeing the floor well.


Oh wow my BTN stream is way behind. I was referring to Franz’s layup above, not that pass.