Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Preview



Not to be that guy, but Beilein definitely won @ Northwestern in 2009 and 2012 as well as the 2 times you stated.


Those were the overtime wins right?


As stated in the preview, those were overtime victories:

John Beilein has only two regulation wins at Northwestern, that 2013 blowout and a win during his first season when the Wildcats went just 1-17. Every other trip to Evanston has resulted in a loss or an overtime escape despite the fact that Northwestern has never finished better than tied with Michigan in the league standings.


Sorry if that sentence was a bit confusing… just trying to illustrate that it has really never been easy for Michigan other than that game where Trey Burke went crazy for the first 20 minutes.


So we have struggled every year at Northwestern besides the one year we were a near-elite level regular season team. My prediction is tonight’s result looks more like 2013 than any other year.


ESPN app seems to be telling me that the spread has been bet down to -5.5. I’ll take Michigan -5.5. No idea how Northwestern is gonna manage to score points tonight.


It’s been 8 games since someone has had a career night against Michigan so we’re definitely due.


Looks like we didn’t play @Northwestern in 2014 which would have a good opportunity for us to blow them out on the road.


Yeah, some of it is probably scheduling at times… but it is still crazy that there have been so few straightforward wins in Evanston despite Michigan almost always having the better team.


Michigan -6.5, O/U 128

Who ya got everyone?

Just saw Reegs post. I see lines for -6, -5.5 and -6.5


The thing I need to see from this team is how they handle foul trouble from 2 guys. We have hardly had any fouls called this year which will not always work on the road. A simple fix would be Beilein playing guys with 2 fouls but we know that’s not gonna happen.

And I also want to see us have to grind out a closer game, but that I’m not worried about too much. I’m sure they are capable but they just haven’t had to do it yet.


I can’t see Northwestern getting to 50 tonight. Michigan’s offense might struggle more than usual, but I’m expecting another double digit win.


ESPN App actually now updated to -6. No idea what it uses as its source.


I’ve seen it bouncing all over the place… as low as -5 now.


This looks like a mental toughness game where this year’s team is going to be pissed off at recent away losses and is going to come away with the W. I don’t know about the winning margin, but I like the spread.


Staying away from the spread, but I tend to think this will be a low-scoring game. Could see both teams struggling to score on the other so I’d lean under 127.5.


I like Indiana +3 at Penn State, but that is probably the definition of a sucker bet.


Under 128.


IMO, I wouldn’t touch that line, but I’d take PSU if I had to, particularly with Morgan’s status being unclear.