Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


Can’t get all the Duke calls when you’re in Evanston.


Hopefully Coach B is drawing up an iso for Iggy right now.


Beilein has to put Z in now


I mean, I agree. But isn’t the whole appeal of Iggy that regardless of whether he’s got a play drawn up for him or not he puts his nose towards the hoop?


Disagree. Can’t risk it right now.


Really can’t bring Simpson in with the ball and the lead.
Maybe he should shoot his foul shots from 3?


I disagree.


Crispin has been obsessed with Z this half even though our offense came to life when he went off


What an awful time for Matthews to be Matthews.


Refs love that call so much


Guard the line


No threes. Just don’t give up a three


The one time Iggy doesn’t force up a shot…


Someone has to take a fucking shot. They look scared


Ridiculous contested fadeaway three incoming.


What the hell were they doing not running offense


Alright defense. Here we go


Too many empty possessions in the second half.


“You kind of wonder if the shooting woes might be what took Zavier Simpson out of this game” are you kidding me Jon Crispin


How fucking dumb is this color commentator lol. “You’ve got to wonder if the shooting issues are what took Simpson out!”