Game 9: Iowa at Michigan Recap

I know Dylan is more data-driven but to me you’ve hit on the missing bit of analysis here - in any Fran-Franz matchup, the difference maker is going to be Z.


Defending Garza one-on-one is a tough task. Castleton will recover. But I agree that he is not ahead of the expectation as Eli and Johns. Colin is also one of the younger players of his class, he is of the same age as the freshman Teske. Davis is also a whole year younger than big Jon.

Johns plays with the aggression that he lacks in the past. I believe that he has found his role on this team, is still limitted but will gradually and naturally expand.

One of the youngest of his class, Franz’s game is very advanced (reflecting his experience playing with the pros), once physically catches up, he will be one of the best college players .

Who will be first to go to market with the “Johns and Franz: Pump you up” merch?


You, please. I’ll be your first customer.

Never seen a M zone offense look so competent, so sure of itself. They eviscerated Iowa’s zone in ways I can’t remember seeing. The offense made sense, the players were in sync. It really was a joy to watch


Michigan has pretty much eviscerated zones over the last decade. Some issues here and there I suppose, but that was the minority. Iowa’s zone may have been the worst I have ever seen. They did not guard outside and they did not defend inside. It was high school level


Yeah, Dylan always had the stats saying we eviscerated zones, but it never felt like we did. Not sure why that’s been such a disconnect with everyone.

I’m still a scarred by the Cause zone in '13. God that was a defense. McGary handled it just well enough…

We did so well in the first half, felt like we had it figured out and we’re gonna run away with it. Then the second half happened.

I was describing to my wife “How To Beat A Zone Defense 101” and Teske provided plenty of textbook examples (with the help of Iowa’s zone “defense”)

We absolutely demolished Iowa’s zone in ‘13 at Crisler. They went to man and then we dunked like 12 times. That was one of the most entertaining games I can remember.


Anyone else infuriated that you can’t watch the replay on Fox Sports’ website? It’s works on phone app, but I can’t get that to my TV screen without buying some shit

IIRC McGary came alive that game


I was able to find it by going through

No idea why the link was available there and not on the general fox sports website

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Thanks :pray: Should’ve known the look there, but yeah unimpressed with FS

I think he can do it. It was his strength coming into Michigan and he has a soft touch, he hasn’t shown that at Michigan because he’s too amped up when he does get in but he has the ability if he settles in. Not sure if he will continue to get minutes but if he does he can score down low.

M always has shooters. I’ve never seen the ball movement, cutting, and confidence like what happened against Iowa (maybe Iowa’s D was terrible). I’m going to rewatch. Teske too, being well seasoned and an excellent passer surely adds to mix.

I think we carved up Jimmy Boeheim’s zone and ate it with a nice chianti in the NCAA’s once not too long ago. We have played well against zone Ds in the past. In fact, I was thinking that Teske’s obvious comfort there in the middle derived in part from the fact that he HAD experience handling zones in the past.


A great effort against the zone, but much of which was aided by Iowa’s complete lack ability to defend.

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We absolutely did not carve up Syracuse in that game. Nice win though. McGary made some beautiful plays in the zone; Caris made a couplae too, but for long stretches M’s O struggled in that game. From what I recall M made a few very long threes. I know Burke hit one; Spike too I think; probably Hardaway as well. Syracuse zone was much better than Iowa’s of course. Spike and Caris combined for 4/5 from 3 in that game; Huge.

Here is box score from Syracuse.

Rewatching Iowa game now. What I really liked was the two high post look against the zone. M looked so, well, professional attacking the zone.