Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Recap


Regarding Brooks: I don’t mind saying I am happy with Brooks. It has zero to do with wanting to protect a player from criticism (in this case) and more to do with I just don’t agree with the people that are criticizing Brooks. He is a sophmore guard. He is ahead of schedule in that he has shown more than potential to be a good backup. He is a good backup on a top 10 team.


Here’s food for thought: Who is Michigan’s starting point guard after Zavier Simpson graduates?

Eli Brooks, David DeJulius and Zeb Jackson will all be on the roster.


I think it is way too early to give any sort of prediction. DDJ and Zeb haven’t played a meaningful minute yet.


There were a lot of folks including myself saying the same things about MAAR during his freshman and sophomore years. I have to agree with Todd_Adams that the more Brooks plays the better he will get. I like how he has come along and believe he will get stronger with the ball (see MAAR). His defense is coming along. Does he need to get stronger yes. I am looking forward to David DeJulius getting more run but i doubt it will be at the expense of Brooks


Assuming DD and Zeb are not ahead of Brooks it will be Brooks and it is not a cause for concern, imo. Brooks will, if need be, play a role similar to Walton. Brooks to Poole will be like Walton to Stauskas.

That is just one scenario. If we are forced into it, I don’t see it working out badly either.


We aren’t allowed to make baseless speculation here? :slight_smile:

My point was mostly that PG and Center after Simpson and Teske are sort of the biggest roster construction questions. A lot of pieces on the wings and those just seem to make sense.


I think I’m just so used to the hawt takez that I automatically convert them to the foundation of the idea. For example, “BROOKS WOULDNT PLAY AT ANY OTHER D1 SCHOOL HE CANT EVEN DRIBBLE DOWN THE COURT” == Brooks has subpar handles for a lead guard :slight_smile:


Tough call. I’m going to lean towards Eli will have pretty much the same role his next three years but with just increasing minutes every year. I’ll say dejulius starts next to Eli in two years but Eli finds himself handling the ball at times when dejulius is off the court and someone like Nunez/ Cole are playing next to him off the bench.


When Simpson leaves, we could have Brooks, DeJulius, and Jackson, then Bajema, maybe Poole – in other words, a lot of potentially good options and flexibility in the backcourt.

Center seems more of a question to me, with a lot of eggs in the Castleton and small ball baskets.


Or Walker Kessler/other top 2020 big basket.


That’s absolutely a healthy internet translation skill.


All I know is DJ Carton won’t be starting over any of them


Yeah, Kessler would be a great fit in his game and roster construction. Now we just need him to commit.


I always forget… Is Kessler the more stretch 5-y center prospect on the radar or is that the other guy?


Kessler is more of a stretch big than Dickinson.


You are clearly all in on Brooks despite his limitations and struggles. He is the best 7th player we have right now. But his ball-handling and particularly his defense have been problems when he is on the court, And suggesting his play has been comparable to Poole’s simply detracts from your proposition.


This is pretty much what I’ve been saying. Brooks certainly has limitations, but he also has some real strengths. Overall I love having him in the rotation I was just saying previously that of the 7 in the current rotation and of the guards, he is the worst ballhandler/decision maker of the guards when under pressure and the overall worst defender. He’s still above average as a defender when you likely compare him to other teams, but on Michigan’s elite defensive squad it’s noticeable to me at least that he is the one who gets frequently targeted when on the floor.

And his weaknesses are workable, especially under Beilein and staff. He can improve his weaknesses.


I am not sure if there is huge disagreement if you go along with BP’s more nuanced explanation. I guess, in order to know if I agree with you, I would need to have you define and estimate the extent of the “problem” as it relates specifically to Brook’s “problems” as you stated.

I guess it isn’t super surprising to me that the backup guard has more overall room for improvement than the starting guards.


I’ll say it again - I wish JB got DDJ/Johns some run earlier in this game as well. Very impressed with the D that the guys played with those scoring droughts though. This is a talented and TOUGH team.