Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Recap



OK, just stop. I’m REALLY still trying to keep my expectations in check for this season.


We’ve moved to #1 in 2pt% defense. Also #1 in steal rate against.


Thanks for the prompt recap. This team is incredible. That first 10 minutes was such a rush! A couple of minor corrections: Michigan led by 19 at the final horn, and Northwestern is on Tuesday.


Thanks, better check my travel plans :rofl:


Ha I hope you’re joking! I’d love to hear your review of the new arena. I grew up in Evanston, so I’ve been to the old version many times.


The thing that I like most about this team is that all 7 rotation players are completely comfortable with a usage rate ranging from 10-25%. It’s rare to be able to have such variety.


Remember a week or so ago when we were saying that despite how good Michigan was playing, just wait until Poole gets untracked. I think we know what that looks like now.


All 5 starters played 31 minutes or more. Bit surprised with that. Livers only 13 minutes. I’ll chalk it up to an anomaly.
Today, not only Brazdeikis and Teske needed to be on the court, but Poole as well. Hard to take Poole out when he’s not missing and playing good D. On top of that Simpson is the only PG in the rotation imo, Brooks is a 2 playing the 1. Matthews of course deserves whatever minutes he gets.


One of my favorite stats is from last year (?) when you listed the teams we held to their worst performance. It’s early, but can you keep a separate chart linked for that? I suspect it will be a long list this year!


Mentioned it in this recap…

Norfolk, Holy Cross, Villanova, Providence, UNC and Purdue all had their worst offensive game (PPP) vs. UM


the team is hitting all cylinders earlier in the season than usual. Maybe the spain trip is paying its dividends now.


Matthews is hitting threes and throwing beautiful passes that he could not do last season, exactly the reason he coming back for another year.


Big test coming up against NW on the road! See if they come out and make the crowd a non factor early!


I mentioned this either yesterday or the day before about the roatation potentially expanding and these two being the most likely to crack it.


That only leaves out George Washington and Chattanooga, both of which included extended minutes for the deep bench. Amazing!


The three guarantee games at the end of this month are going to be big for Johns and Dejulius.


Agreed. Me and a ton of my family are heading to the Western Michigan game on the 15th.


Brooks is a 2 playing the 1 it seems. If Dejulius could come on and spell Simpson even for 5 minutes a game that would be big. It seemed like he had a long way to go though.

I’m sure JB would rather have Johns be the 3rd big rather than Davis.


I think that this is more of coach encouraging his younger players rather than the team needs contribution from Johns and DD at this point. There is better chance that Brooks and Davis improve their game toward the end of the season. Davis actually played pretty well in Spain.