Game 7: Michigan vs. Gonzaga Open Thread

Dylan- what is the atmosphere like in the ballroom? From TV it looks pretty empty and awkward. What’s it like in person?

Beilein leaves and all of a sudden Dan Dakich is off the Michigan bandwagon and is taking shots at the Fab 5.

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Checking in from work today! Let’s go boys, 3 Ws in 3 days!

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Iowa State and North Carolina had really great crowds but those are the two schools I’ve seen fill 3-4 sections in the ball room. Gym is a lot emptier than it has been over the last couple of days.

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Hope Jalen sends that clip to Juwan…
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That’s surprising. I think it’s crazy that any college basketball fan wouldn’t want to be in the gym for a matchup like Michigan vs. Gonzaga. I get it though. A lot of people making that trip are just fans of the school and not hardcore fans like us.

Lot of money on Gonzaga today

Atlantis is a very pricey place to go too.

Gotta consider the weather outside (very nice), the cost of tickets (high, I believe), the cost of everything else (high, I can confirm).

I believe a lot of people are here on travel packages that include tickets to just their team’s games.


Oh I see. I didn’t realize the entire tournament wasn’t included in the packages. Is the resort all inclusive?

It is not.

Jeez, I wouldn’t go to this even if I had the money.

Woof. Yeah I can see how that’s gonna be a pricey trip.

If you are ever going to go to one preseason tournament, it needs to be Maui. Hands down the best on every level.


Dick Vitale is more tolerable without an ACC team playing.


I thought Maui also wasn’t all inclusive? That’s why I haven’t had it high on my list. The only Holiday tournament I’ve hit was the Legends Classic in Brooklyn in 2014. Famous for the fanbase’s first and last “Ricky Doyle” chant. I think I’m going to hit the tournament at MSG next year too.

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But have you been to Uncasville?


Stupid Franz

X with more sloppy play. Been an issue all season