Game 6: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread

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Let’s start this B1G season with a W. Go Blue!

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Dammit - I’m a last-second scratch here; gotta moliss it. Anyone know where a cordcutter can catch a full-game replay this year?

Will we see John’s start with HD off the bench to stick with the current model? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken strategy?

What are some of the top themes you hope to see today? For me they are as follows:

  1. Franz getting comfortable and looking like a matchup nightmare.

  2. John’s really proving himself with a strong effort 8pt 6reb 2 blocks stat line with some real extended play time between the 4 and 5 spot.

  3. Chaundee staying hot hunting shots off the bench and playing menacing defense with a large toothy grin on his face :grin:

Go Blue

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Really feels like Big Ten hoops with today’s officiating crew: Larry Scirotto, Courtney Green and Bo Boroski.

Michigan starters: Smith, Brooks, Wagner, Livers and Hunter Dickinson.


I hope Isaiah and Eli told the frosh what happened last year playing PSU @ Crisler it wasn’t good. Keep up intensity and stay focused


Praise him!!!

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If HD picks up a quick foul inside first 3 minutes I’ll be angry because that’s the Michigan way :joy:

It’s a small sample size but I do think Hunter has good awareness and ability to defend/alter shots without fouling. You can tell he’s had extensive coaching about walling up, not reaching and moving his feet well.

Mo and Mitch were much more likely to try to generate steals and hence be more foul-prone.

I won’t miss Lamar Stevens or Pat Chambers. After that game last year, Chambers was running around the hallway bumping chests with his assistants screaming ‘f*** yeah!’ And various other things about how they dominated us.


Will learn a lot about the team today. Very excited.

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I hope Juwan goes to Hunter on the first possession of games now that he’s a starter. He did it with Teske for a lot of big ten play last year and I think it would be more effective with HD.

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It’s a good thing warm up shooting percentage is not indicative of game performance. If it was, I’d say PSU would shoot around 80% from 3 today.

Hunter has not been in foul trouble yet - admittedly that could be a result of re-enacting Gulliver’s Travels every game so far.

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To be fair, they did. :rofl:

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Michigan 84
PSU 71

Gullivers’ Travels :rofl: that’s hilarious and apt.

Ah Rocket Watts hoisting a wide open 3 and only drawing backboard… makes me smile.

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This sounds like a copypasta lol

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Let’s go boys!!!

I hope the tip’s around 2:05 or we will miss it.