Game 6: Michigan vs. North Carolina Open Thread

Officials for Michigan-North Carolina: Gary Maxwell,Mike Roberts and Gerry Pollard.

Family- ignored
Lions- ignored
November College Basketball in a hotel function space in another country- lets go!


Checking in from the lions game! Praying for some solid basketball with low turnovers and protecting the glass for us today!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been relegated to a bedroom TV for this game with football winning out. Regardless, Go BLUE!

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2 missed shots, 2 OREBs for NC

Ok, Teske just got blindsided on the way to the basket and got no call. One of those days I guess.


Didn’t take long for Dickie V to kiss Roy’s ass…

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It’s going to be a long day if we keep giving them everything they want in the paint.

Seniors not getting calls, freshmen getting them.

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Teske lost the ball before any contact. That wasn’t a foul.

Michigan looks a little intimidated early. Hopefully we can settle things down.

Not a great start. TOs and OREBs an issue, gotta clean those up.

Slow start for Michigan this afternoon. UNC out to a 9-4 start with a couple offensive boards and post-up scores.

Michigan is trying to hit Teske on the slip to the basket but he’s turned it over twice trying to make a play once he catches it there.

Dylan, why was that an offensive foul on Teske? That was a secondary defender who was inside the restricted area and moving?

If that Simpson play was actually a foul, that ball was on the floor and he was not in a shooting motion yet. He was dribbling.

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There was no offensive foul on Teske?

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Gonna be hard to win if we forget how lay the ball in


Nothing falling.