Game 6: Jackson State at Michigan Open Thread

I have said for a while I don’t think this team is gonna be good next year so I am guessing in 2024 we will be having a lot of Juwan discussions so I’d prefer we just put those off til then lest I have to ignore M basketball content for 2 years

I don’t think discussing the games is gonna be any more fun than hot seat talk :grimacing:


I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for a team where defenses just didn’t guard 3 of the players.

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Everyone already writing off next year?

Lol, they’re struggling but it’s because they’re unorganized , lack chemistry, and are weak mentally right now,not because they’re not talented.

Let’s see what happens as some of these young guys learn how to play. Writing off next year already is dramatic.


I’m writing them off because I’m weak mentally right now!!


They look rough and it’s worrisome, but people projecting a bad year next year already are getting ahead of themselves.

Lots of individual talent. Need to find a way to put it together.

I’ve liked Howard a lot the last few years but he seems to be in a rut too and hasn’t found a way to get the most out of his team or the right roles and lineup combinations this year.

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The tenor around this team is incredibly depressing on this site. They aren’t any worse or significantly more hopeless than they were last year and their offensive potential is pretty savory. It’s six games in and we’re discussing Juwan’s hot seat two years from now.

This, the pod, the recaps….Like, it’s not the end of the world if we can’t beat two top 5 teams in Virginia and kentucky at this stage. People act as if Michigan has been pumping out top 5 teams with incredible defense for 15 years now.


Can anybody explain why Juwan put the starters back at the game with 4 minutes to go and up by almost 20? The only reason I could think was to allow Hunter to break his double-double record, but the guards were not even feeding him the ball. He needed one point, and he never got the chance to make an attempt.

Edit: Whatever was the game plan in putting the starters back in, it certainly failed, as they were unable to help Hunter get his double-double, or maintain the score since the lead wilted to 10 points (thanks to JL making his foul shots). That has to be the most disappointing pert of the game with the starters.

On this date last year, Michigan ranked 43rd on Torvik (with preseason rankings removed). This year they are 125. They are in fact significantly more hopeless than last year.


We’re playing worse teams tbf

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Which means we should be having larger scores than last year! And even just on eye test this team feels way worse. Last year’s team looked had flashes and couldn’t quite get the consistency together (and the offense was still fine).

So far this year, this team looks like they have never practiced before and have no idea how to even play basketball on a structured team.

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Lol, basically.

I agree with others that they look rough but each individual guy shows flashes of what made them a take at times, particularly on offense.

They need to learn how to play together and compete and get their mental game (in multiple ways) and chemistry up. That’s what I see.

I can buy the arguments about Juwan not having a great year so far and understand the frustration that they look so lost, we don’t have good rotations yet or defined roles , but it’s a long year.

Certainly am not down on the state of the program or Juwan going forward though. I can think of years where Duke and Kentucky disappointed. It happens.

They still have found a way to win most these games, I’m not optimistic about the next couple games , but who knows. Maybe something clicks over the next 5 games and we can be better prepared for big ten play.

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To be fair

I didn’t particularly enjoy last years team


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