Game 6: Jackson State at Michigan Open Thread


There’s probably a little delay for those watching at home, but Isaiah is already in double figure points


Hoping for some good ball movement, threes, and defensive intensity.

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Normal starters for U-M… Officials: Lamont Simpson, John Floyd, Tariq Lucas

Was wondering who we’d see. All of the familiar faces in stripes seem to be at the higher profile tourneys. I don’t think I know Floyd or Lucas.

I think Simpson does B1G football too so that would explain why he is around.


+22.5 seems like a lot of points to give considering how Michigan has looked as of late. Of course the instant I place that bet Michigan will suddenly figure it out.

Floyd did the Northwestern game in Mexico last night! Also the Ohio game on Sunday. Lucas looks fairly inexperienced.

after playing pokemon all week, i present to you: haunter dickinson.


Trying to imitate the Ohio game I the first possessions, fadeaway post up goes down for J St

I guess we’ve never had the “former volleyball player goes for 30 against Michigan” scenario yet but I’m now ready for it.

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Man this little cat is a blur

Another slow start from the boys… not great


One basket in nearly 5 minutes…

Get ready for the second unit again?

Definitely not hitting Dylan’s point of getting out hot…

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At least Jaelin got a three to go down. Progress!


Is this just a bad shooting team or is there hope that shots start falling?

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A competitive game to Jackson State will officially initiate #FraudWatch

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Ya…we are not good right now.