Game 6: Chattanooga at Michigan Recap

Iggy’s assist to Davis is very encouraging. Livers impresses again. davis showed some nifty moves.

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When will one of the other four frosh break through?

I know it’s a process but they never look comfortable in the games. All their shots are bricks and air balls.

There is no freshman bench version of Albrecht or LeVert at the moment. I really was hoping to see Nuñez show his skill, but his shot attempts look like he is playing JV high school basketball.

Yeah, neither Nunez nor DeJulius are getting close on their shot attempts. Often times uncontested shots, too. Johns and Castleton are grabbing rebounds, but there isn’t much more to get excited about with their play either. This will take time.

It’s hard to be disappointed this year. Despite being in new roles except for Z and Matthews, everybody has picked up their games against both easy and reasonable (Villy and Providence are slackers, but they aren’t top 25 this year). UNC will be a difficult challenge, but it’s a home game and they will do well even if they don’t win (not that I expect this).

The other four freshmen look terrible both offensively and defensively, but fortunately there is enough talent elsewhere that they can be brought along slowly. If they never contribute much this year, that’s OK- they are getting a year’s worth of practice and will be ready next year.