Game 5: Toledo at Michigan Open Thread

Well this is the third straight game I’ve been for Hunter starting so I hope it happens.

First look at the maize jerseys this season.

Officials tonight: Chris Beaver, Steve Hornacki, Paul Szelc

Szelc was part of the legendary crew that tossed John Beilein at Penn State a few years ago.

Same starters.

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Beilein getting tossed is a unicorn sighting

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Also noteworthy is they added Trey and Tim to the fan cutouts. Last game was just DJ, Iggy, Poole, Moe, Caris, and Duncan.

Not sure why no GRIII.

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He must not have shelled out the $60. :wink:


Anyone else watching the Wisconsin Rhode Island game?

Wisconsin is a hard team for me to believe in;
Something about Dad Bravison.


I cannot believe we continue to start Davis. Dickinson is far too good to not start

Saving him to catch John Harrah off guard!


Yes you can, this is Michigan sports we’re talking about.

I actually don’t mind if all that much; I’d just prefer the Davis shift to be no more than 5 minutes.

I think there’s definitely something in Juwan’s mind about foul trouble. Not sure if I can think of any other reason you wouldn’t start your vastly superior player; other than trying to protect him from a cheap early foul or two.

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Hahaha yes very true on the Michigan Sports detail.

There must be some logic to it, but would have loved to incorporate him into the starting lineup before the Big Ten started. I’ll trust Juwan has a plan though

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You guys think Chaundee will have another cold night like his follow up to his initial hot game against BGSU?

I think this will be a great test of Mike Smith’s ability to create some looks. Going to take a bit more legwork in the halfcourt against this defense IMO.

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Don’t worry Hunter will start in Big Ten games, this is just giving Davis experience for when Hunter is in foul trouble later in the season.

Is the color commentator wearing a mask? He sounds muffled

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I want to keep seeing strong bench contributions. Terrence and BJ and Chaundee bringing energy and instant offense off the bench will go along way to helping ensure we’re a difficult team to beat.

Did Juwan just take a chewed piece of gum out of his mouth and hold it?