Game 5: Michigan vs. Providence Recap

Great stuff.

It seemed some what late in the first half that we were in store for an ugly, 50-42 win with neither team able to score - then Teske Hit his three, Livers hit two, and the the whole thing changed. Providence was never quite comfortable leaving our shooters from that point on, and Teske started getting a colony of bunnies, Ignas got some nice open cuts to the hoop…

Just shows how important just a modicum of fright about our three point shooting is.

X was great, again. Livers continues to be, to me, the second most important player on the team.

Providence perspective:

They weren’t happy about the refs either.

Livers has been amazing so far this season - don’t think we would be 5-0 without him. Will probably never get credit from the announcers he deserves either.

It would be great to learn more about Simpson’s tactics, and if they are something that is coached, and if those tactics were the norm amongst other Coach B point guards in the past.


Enjoyed reading the live thread from the Friar fans. Some things- complaining about the refs, hating the opponent players and eternal optimism are universal among all fans. I had many quotes that I enjoyed, but this was my favorite from some time in the second half - “Scoreboard doesn’t seem to reflect how competitive this game actually is.”

That dude was not watching the same game I was.


So far Livers is the most consistent 3 pt shooter by far. U of M sure is blessed with the two best defensive coaches in the Nation with Coach Yak in bb and Coach Brown in fb. Now there is a possibility both bb and fb could rank #4 this week. Go Blue! in all sports.

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Yeah, I thought we may have gotten away with a little early. But as the game went on I thought the refs really swung to Providence. But then, I will say again, that is my perspective, and I’m NEVER satisfied with the refs. I mean seriously, never. Oh, in addition to yelling at the refs through the TV I was yelling at the Providence fans, too, when later in the game those fans seemed to feel their team was getting screwed! Their team wasn’t getting screwed and I let them know it! :wink::grinning::wink: Can you understand why my wife and kids don’t like watching basketball with me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same with me except its Grand Kids and Wife. Besides she’s a Sparty on top of that.

Simpson is best M passer in transition since Flint Central great Eric Turner.

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Yeah, I live in a “House Divided,” too. Her problem isn’t just that she’s a Sparty, it’s that I’m too obnoxious. :grin:

Turner was a fantastic passer. His Flint Central HS squads were some of Michigan’s greatest ever.

Was at the game (blessed with excellent seats in that tiny arena) and my goodness the intensity on defense live is remarkable. Zavier is literally in the opponents’ face the entire game.


I must add that there was a preponderance of UMHoops subscriber shirts in the crowd, one of whom I sat next to. It was clear he read the game preview too lol


I just realized kenpom added “two foul participation” onto the site going back to 2010. Unsurprisingly, Michigan has been near the bottom on average.

That’s the only thing about Beilein I can say I dislike. It is going to hurt us in a game this season, especially with a tight rotation and a chasm between the top 7 and the rest of the roster.

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Oddly having two guys miss time due to fouls against Providence STILL didn’t make him crack the 8th guy in the rotation.

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