Game 5: Michigan vs. Providence Preview

Your working hard Dylan.

Will be interesting to see how tightly called this game is for sure.

Not only does Providence get to the line, they convert at a high rate. At least they did today.

Will this be their third game this week, too?

Will be interesting to see how Brooks reacts to the length of Providence. I’m not sure how he is successful unless he gets (and makes) wide open looks, and has active hands on D. I’ll be watching his minutes/leash closely.

Is there an elephant in this room or is that just David Duke?


I remember seeing them play like a week ago and just thought “Man, that’s a tough name to have”

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Maybe the historical stats don’t back this up but I have always felt like we feast on turnover prone teams. That is why I like this matchup.

I’m now confident M will be at least adequate from 3. I have confidence Brooks, Livers, and eventually DeJulius will be reliable from 3 off the bench. The starters, sans Poole, are more of a question mark in my mind, but all are capable of hitting open 3’s

These guys need 30 minutes a game:

Teske probably can’t physically handle 30 minutes a game with what he is asked to do, or I would include him too.

Eventually I hope Brooks get 10 minutes behind Poole (he’s not a pg at this point) and DeJulius earns 8-10 minutes backing up Simpson (like Simpson spelling Walton). I really like the look of DeJullius’ 3 point stroke.

Speaking of DeJulius: he has a nice handle, but it’s not a penetrating handle (at this point) his handle is used to get separation from his defender so he can step back and shoot. At least that’s what I see so far, and it somewhat stagnates the flow in the offense.


DeJulius strikes me as a guy who is a little shot happy at this point in his career. He seems to be trying to see how many shots he can get up in his 3 minutes of game time. I would rather he demonstrate that he has command of the offense and can get shots for others, before he worries about scoring. We know he can shoot. I think he would get more playing time if Beilein was more comfortable with how he runs the team.


I agree, and I feel the same way about Nunez. He appears to me to be determined to immediately realize his expected use as a 3-point sniper. Patience. Let it come. You don’t have to launch out-of-flow deep 3s to prove a point.

What are people’s feelings on this one? Any predictions?

I will be watching JP on the defensive end cosely…I think it will be a key.

I expect this to be a blowout. We feast on teams that turn the ball over and rely on forcing them.

Interested to see how Providence attacks us off the bounce. Hope refs aren’t trigger happy today.

Michigan -8, O/U 134. Anyone feel good on either side?

I felt good about the under yesterday and that definitely didn’t happen, so who knows

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