Game 4: Michigan vs. George Washington Recap



Best game I’ve ever seen Charles Matthews play. Just completely dominant. AND… 0 turnovers. Wow.



I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that we won’t play south Carolina twice this season. Seems like a wash whoever we were going to play.


I personally prefer watching two different teams


Yeah, I agree from a personal viewing perspective. More wondering from a committee perspective.



Nice isn’t it.


Dejulius still has a ways to go, but I have to think he has a chance to pass Brooks by years end. Johns should pretty much exclusively be playing at the 4 spot at this point. Livers has been too good at the 5 for him to have an opportunity there.


Idk Brooks looks really solid to me


But I guess we should still be weeping and gnashing teeth over Simpson, what?


I think if Johns can find enough playing time to help his progression along, he can get to the point this year where he is at least at the level Livers was as a freshman last year. Wether it is at the 4 or 5 probably doesn’t matter since Livers can play either.


Love the 5-out look we get with Livers at the 5. We incorporated that aspect into our offense a lot easier than I would have expected with Wagner moving on to the NBA. Big part of that has been Livers’s progression, and he looks more than capable of handling that load. Gonna be a fun year.


They’re all fun years when Beilein’s here.


I’m going to miss “bubble” and “Michigan” being bandied about


I’m not. This whole “top 10 team” thing is better.


I think Livers is a great shooter from 3. My hope is he will develop a nice shot fake so he can open up a drive game. So far it looks like he might be able to drive into the lane on bad closeouts and shot fakes. I am excited to see what happens when Livers tries to add elements to his game.


Already curious to see what works better: Teske shutting Ward down, or Livers leading Ward on a merry chase around the 3pt line


I’m hoping it will be fun watching both!


I have a lot more faith in JB taking advantage of aspects of a matchup than JB. Teske is one of the few big men in the conference that could hold up against Ward trying to pound it in the post. And Livers would obviously struggle on a Ward post up, but he can make him pay on the other end, getting Ward tired and less effective on offense as a result.