Game 4: Michigan vs. George Washington Preview

Trap spot situation, but I just don’t just don’t see a lot to get excited about with George Washington’s team. Hopefully they play man because it would be nice to get a bigger sample size of what this offense looks like against man defense.

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I’m not seeing any TV listed for this game.

ESPN3 (I try to put it in the top of the previews, can try to make that more clear). Get that Roku or Chromecast ready to roll.


I’m thinking M not sharp for this one. Wednesday game in Philadelphia against Villanova, come home for a short stay, and turnaround and play a mediocre foe in Connecticut.

AppleTV Man

I am smelling another under bet that I love, assuming the O/U is near the 131 KenPom projects or 132 from BartTorvik.

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FWIW I have Xfinity and a not-smart TV and it recently started allowing me to watch ESPN3 only games on the TV. For those who also have it you just need to press the “C” button on the remote while you’re on a sports channel, find the game on the sidebar after it has started, and click “watch.” The quality will not be as good as normal TV, but it’ll probably similar to just watching on a computer.


I couldn’t get signed in to read the preview. It has me locked out for 24 hours.