Game 4: Michigan vs. George Washington Open Thread




Yep, no Austin Davis.

Win or lose, Michigan will play at 1:30 p.m. on ESPN tomorrow.



Today’s officials for Michigan-George Washington: DJ Carstensen, Donnie Eppley and John Floyd.


We had Carstensen for the Villanova game. Good Ref.


Could be a great opportunity for Brandon Johns.


Yeah, somewhat of an opportunity for Johns or Castleton. But what this team really needs is 3 point shooting. So we need the obvious suspects (Poole, Livers, Eli, Iggy) to fill it up from deep (I hope).


Saw you posted the GW athletic department scandal deadspin article on Twitter, @umhoops. Read that earlier this week. Some damning stuff. Seems like Lonergan got screwed from the way it read. Program has been down since he left…


“Izzy” Brazdeikis


Nice to see that from JP


Michigan keeps isolating Matthews using a similar action to the one we broke down in FIlm Room.


Very strange to me that JB is willing to settle right away for turnaround mid range jumpers from Matthews


Matthew’s 10-15 foot jumper is a nice tool, but I worry about hi… Never mind read the above post :wink:


Did this commentator say that literally Matthews’ most consistent attribute since last year, his midrange jumper, is “something added” to his game?


Wow I forgot about the Pistons thing


Incredible steal by Xavier



Livers busting zones


I’m loving Livers in general this year. 23% rebound rate through three games was 212th in the country too…