Game 4: Houston Baptist at Michigan Preview

Last guarantee game until December means a tougher schedule for the team, but I am excited to write some real previews over the next few weeks!


For a “less than real” preview, it’s still very thorough. Much appreciated! Now if you could just find a way to break into BTN+ for free…


This game was the reason the “1 month” plan for BTN+ was actually worth it this year…


Battle 4 Atlantis Mainland Bracket Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo


The Big 10 needs more money! They are really struggling.

I am a sucker who pays for BTN+ for our hoops games. I cancel immediately after our 2 games each year.

I cant remember if this has been posted here, but if you remember your UMich log-in, you can download their VPN. And when you use their VPN, you can watch BTN+ because it’s free on any B1G wifi, including VPNs. And Id guess its the same for any other B1G school’s VPN?

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Great write up, Dylan. Since Beilein made MBB fun again I look forward even to the body bag games. Likely no competition but still looking to see each of our guys continue to develop and gain confidence with the new system.


I hope you use it for the early hockey games as well as other sports. This weekend that includes Wrestling,Soccer, volleyball and W b-ball.

Wondering if there will be a replay on regular BTN maybe sometime late- night this weekend?

I did that a few years back when they had two regular season games on BTN+. Evidently my “line in the sand” is that I won’t pay for one exhibition and only one “real” game. I showed them, didn’t I?


Does anybody know with BTN+ if you can go back and watch the game later or is it just live? Want to watch the game but won’t be able to at 7.

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I won’t be. I’ll be at the football game Saturday.

I like hockey, but don’t watch often. I’ll catch a game on TV from time to time. Don’t care to watch the others you listed. I also have a four month old, so time is limited these days.

Anthony Wright says that he’ll be streaming the game. Check his twitter feed.


Not finding it listed for youtube TV. . .

Game is on BTN Plus ($). And yes, they do have replays to stream on demand.

A four month old! If I recall those days correctly, there was barely enough time to stuff down food and defecate.

Pretty true. Thankfully my little dude is easy. Loves his naps and rarely is fussy.

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