Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


Poole had a good first half but can’t go quiet now.


Yes, I agree. He should be back in at this timeout. Take it to the rack and demand whistles. FTs discrepancy 16 to 3.


Craziness. We dont struggle with switch assignments with any other opponent except State. Wisconsin poses challenges w/Happ, but w/State we constantly lose Goins and Winston gets a running start on curl screens going downhill to the hoop.


If he gets 4…its over, IZZO will attack him every time down the floor. Gotta wait!


For as much talk about offensive struggles against msu, the defense has been the bigger issue


State shot their way back in on WFO 3’s due primarily to confusion on D, exacerbated by subs on floor with limited experience.


Heartily disagree


SCREAM at those refs about the FT discrepancy. Can’t go on like this.


Honestly, I’d rather they do that – takes them out of their offense.


Lota of whistles, but this offense just goes in and out of rythm too much…throw in Poole playing like crap, and we cant ultimately keep up with a team like sparty who just keeps comin and comin on O


Not all Poole, but he needs to be a plus, and he’s not tonite


All good…just my take



God , Ive seen this game before


The FT discrepancy is not gonna even out. It won’t even get below a 2:1 advantage.


Can’t get these minutes back


attacking the middle would be a great strategy to even the ft game and slow things down


Can ESPN just show the game? I don’t care about the waffle guy.


Offense is simply horrific…whatever, it’ll be fine…


Better get settled again pretty darn soon.