Game 31: Michigan at Maryland Preview

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I would hope Brooks guards Cowan.


Maryland is 13 on Kenpom and 28th on Torvik. Didn’t realize their models could deviate that much. (Spread is only 2pts apart.)

Michigan is 11th which is impressive with how up and down this season has been.

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Don’t particularly care for this game. Would just like to avoid MSU in round 2 of the BTT.

Not much control over that. Will mostly come down to whether Wisconsin wins.

If Michigan wins, this would be pretty big for seeding.

I think they will both guard him, but Brooks has passed Simpson as the best defender. Agree, hope Brooks is on Cowan the most.


Yeah, it might push us to a dreaded 5-seed, which a big reason I don’t particularly care for this game :rofl:

I agree about brooks. Simpson is still a nice defender but he’s not lock down like he was past years. I’ve wondered what has caused the step back on d for x.

I guess Jalen Smith prefers the right side of the floor. That is quite a shot chart.

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His offensive usage going from 18.8%, to 19.3%, to 25.8% in the last 3 years.


Michigan 85 Maryland 77, I think our 3 pointers start falling with not much to lose or gain in this game.

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I think it’s 50% this. I also think he’s lost some quickness and looks a lot more built.

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I agree. X isn’t only a pit bull on the court but is also built like one. He doesn’t take any crap.


If I remember correctly, he actually owned a pit bull last year because he thought it resembled himself in many ways. He had to give it up though because his apartment made him, I think :rofl:


How did I spend most of my Saturday? Making this video, of course. Guess that’s what you do when the high school team you’ve been helping out with loses in the playoffs and you try your best to remove the loss from your mind.

Michigan really likes to run this set against aggressive, pressuring defenses – think teams that hard hedge ball screens or deny on the perimeter, i.e. Rutgers (first B1G Tournament opponent).


I hat to say it but I want Maryland to win. It would give us a chance for another crack at Wisconsin. I don’t thing this game helps or hurts us much. Winning or losing in the btt will be a bigger deal.

I think this game would probably have a bigger impact resume wise than a BTT quarterfinal.


I never want Michigan to lose…ever! I’m realistic enough to know that, of course, we will lose games, and I’ll cheer for the Maize N Blue regardless, win or lose, but I will never cheer for them to lose.


Committee has shown they cant possibly be bothered to factor in the conference tournaments that much. Feels like a seed line at best is all you can do unless you win the championship by beating 3 ranked teams. Which is possible for Michigan

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I do agree. I just wish that the Illinois and MSU games were before ours so that I can feel better about cheering for our team to win, given that at least one of them have lost and allowed Wisconsin to clinch #1.