Game 30: Nebraska at Michigan Preview

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Need to add the time and channel.

Sorry, can always find it here BTW:

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6:30 eastern time on FS1.

Maybe Teske gets that first shot to go down and it lights a fire within his game which carries with him through the postseason.


I think we’re all hoping there something that sparks this team on a postseason run but unfortunately there’s no quick fix. They need to start playing much better basketball as a whole.


They aren’t playing well today but they are ranked 2nd in Torvik over the last month. I don’t know if it is fair to say that they “need to play much better basketball as a whole”


Over the last 5 halves of basketball I’d say it’s far.

Remember, I also proclaimed the 2013 team done after the Wisconsin loss in the Big 10 tournament!

And you also proclaimed Jaylen Brown was coming!

No no no, that was Mo Bamba…and maybe also Jaylen. Who can remember these things?!

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