Game 30: Michigan at Maryland Recap


I have a feeling Eli will give us a boost in a random tournament game just when we need one.


Right there with ya! I’d give your eye teeth, too, just to talk with Beilein…about anything!


Anytime weak producing players get criticized on this site, it’s a national travesty. And when guys that produce and get mildly criticized for mistakes, nobody says to go easy on them. One way or the other Brooks has to be accountable for weak games, like it or not, it is the nature of big time athletics. Every player is scrutinized here based on performance, analytics, etc. Nonetheless the fan base will still root for him to do well and welcome him with open arms. But IMO I see it as a double standard that Iggy gets criticized and nobody ever says to back off of him when he struggles, and then when it’s a player like Brooks, he receives a halo to not be scrutinized by some fans. Nobody did that for O’Korn or Speight. There is a double standard out there, and it needs to even out consistently.


At the 4:45 mark of the post-game video, which I always recommend but particularly loved yesterday, Beilein said he didn’t think he had any choice but yank Xavier because Turgeon was going to go right at him, and “now with 14-15 minutes to go we’re in trouble. So I got confidence in the other two guards. . .” worth a listen. Obviously, guys on here were a little bent out of shape (“it’s on you, Coach” struck me as funny because. . . yeah, they all are) but in their defense it did look like the game might be in the balance.


I think Eli’s performance this year has taken it’s fair share of criticism on this site…


Sorry I think that’s a false narrative. I, personally, have NEVER criticized Iggy, nor do I think has mgl. Go back and check. You’ll have a hard time finding a criticism I’ve levied against any of our players.

Now, if what you say is true, then that would be a double standard, but that sure ain’t coming from me, my friend.

By the way, I’ve never criticized O’Korn or Speight either for that matter. And you can be sure I stood up for Devin Gardner when he was being roasted.

Finally, you talk about “the nature of big time athletics,” but they’re still kids, and as big time as it is, they aren’t getting paid. Sorry, but I disagree with your narrative. But again, it’s America. Have at it, but don’t be offended if I criticize you when you criticize our players, any of them.


OK, Wpb, I just went over many of your posts and I see you are generally a pretty positive guy. I haven’t seen much, if any criticism from you, either. I guess I’m just a little testy tonight, so please accept my apology for coming across a bit (maybe a lot) harsh.

I really just want to celebrate a GREAT win vs. Maryland on the road and avoid all the drama. Might be a good time for me to leave the forum for a few days, and just bask in the good feeling that comes from being a Michigan Wolverine!

Again, sorry for jumping you.


I think so, too, but there really are a lot of guys who support him. I know that I do. But I also support ALL of our players whether they are starting or the last guy on the bench.

Edit: I capitalized the word “ALL” because I wanted to emphasize that I truly mean each and every one of them. :smiley:


Some of us have disagreed with the over the top criticism of Brooks. Not the objectives stuff (hesitant to shoot, occasional loose handle), but the stuff that tends to be demeaning, suggesting he should transfer, saying he brings nothing to the table, etc. Nobody’s treating him with kids’ gloves. Not sure where you’re getting that from.


Bebopson: Nice avatar pic!

Wpb: Are people criticizing Iggy in the game threads? I have not noticed people criticizing Iggy at all. I assumed everybody has thought he has been great. I mean Iggy has a serious case of tunnel vision, imo, but he has been great for a Freshman. All around solid. I trust him to make big shots as much as anyone else on this team.


It’s all good. We are all fans and want the team to be successful, especially when it feels like this year could be very special. The standards of the program are back at a very high level again, and we are all feverish and thirsty for championship banners.