Game 30: Michigan at Maryland Preview

Terps are due for a home loss then. We beat them there last year and we can do it again. It’s always great to be a Michigan Wolverine! Ehh?


I see additional silver linings in this injury (we saw some last night), even if we lose. Already, looking back at MSU, we–and MSU–can play some little head games about where that game would have gone with him. And if we lose on the road to MD without him, honestly, no one’s going to be terribly depressed. (All this assumes that Charles is back soon, of course.)

Like others, I find last night super-encouraging in terms of how we can play in the B1G Tourney and NC2As. The extra practice and rest for the bye in the B1G tourney is fantastic.

Curious to see if Michigan runs the pick & pop for Castleton - he was a better prep shooter than Teske, right?

No doubt that it will eventually be part of his game. But the more important question is if he’s a better college shooter than Teske right now.


I’d settle for better than 1-7… :wink:

Teske shooting 34% for 3s for the season.

IMO it’s gotta be Iggy being effective with that 1-4 pick and pop. With the traditional bigs Maryland rolls out there he’s gonna have open looks. Can he can them like he did against Nebraska? We’ll see.
Then on the other end can he hold up on defense. I think he can hold his own but staying out of foul trouble will be crucial.

Teske can stretch Bruno away from the basket as well and needs to knock down shots in order for M to get the victory.

Is it bad that I really like the crop of youth Maryland has? Long athletic guards/wings that can really shoot it. Hopefully Ira’s boy Turgeon won’t have the troops prepared.

I don’t feel good about our odds of winning this one. :confused:

Go Blue.

So like last week, we have a Sunday game after a Thursday night contest. We seemed a bit heavy-legged in the second half of MSU last week. Will we be fresher this time?

Beilein said they might only watch film. He also thought it an advantage that they had just played MD, and would have their sets and defense fresh in their minds. Will be interesting to see.

Signed, The Rest Monitor

That’s fine, of course, but we’ll probably be slight favorites. Hopefully we can get it done.


It’s snowing in DC tomorrow, which means many of the locals will want to stay home. Hopefully only the Michigan transplants will show up for the game?

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Is Maryland recruiting him? Or is this a Michigan interest thing

Both in final seven schools


Michigan opens as a 1.5 favorite at Maryland today.

19th straight game in B1G as the favorite.

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And now Maryland is the favorite, as they should be imo.

My normal betting philosophy would have me heavy on md , but I have this odd feeling we might show up big. Thinking about going against my usual play and taking us.

Any thoughts? Leave it alone?

Also I feel scuzzy going against my team but the right play has no feelings. Might as well make money if they lose, right?

Dylan? What are your thoughts?