Game 30: Michigan at Maryland Open Thread

More or less as expected. Hopeful that Michigan can win without him today and that the six-day layoff before the MSU game is enough for him to play!

Yeah, best to let him recover. If we lose, we lose - not the end of the world.

Next man up time again. I just hope the day to day with CM doesn’t become a month.

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Here’s hoping that Livers again makes the most of his extended PT! His shooting ability will be huge today.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Matthews doesnt play until NCAA tournament.

Terps coming off 17 point blowout road loss to Penn State. Who do we see today? Hoping for more of their turnover issues like last game against us.

Today’s officials: Terry Wymer, Paul Szelc, Courtney Green.

A bit concerned about Maryland’s shooters getting lots of open looks without Matthews

My concern is Fernando getting Teske in foul trouble.

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So Szelc has done our last 3 road games. Including when he tossed Beilein. Great job B1G

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Gonna happen. See the crew above

Maryland ends up a 1 point favorite. M’s streak ends.



Smith hitting a 3 is not a great sign

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Bruno No-Left Fernando

Terps haven’t lost a B1G home game yet. Great crowd, unfortunately.

Pretty much everything going their way so far but I think we’ve managed it pretty well