Game 3: Elon at Michigan Preview

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From your preview it seems like Sheffield isn’t as good as Forrest but will probably be their best player/scorer. If Nunez starts it seems like he’d be the natural assignment (from a positional standpoint) to defend Sheffield. If Nunez could play even mediocre defense on him that would be a win and a sign of hope for him, otherwise this seems like it will be another data point to Nunez can’t guard. Need Franz back and then move Nunez into a just a shooter type role off the bench. And hope that he can eventually develop into a Duncan Robinson type guy (never thought I’d be using Duncan’s defense as a positive comparison but here we are).

I would say Sheffield could be more talented than Forrest. He’s a guy who played high-major basketball for the last four years and was a former top-150 recruit.

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Sheffield? Forrest? We talking English Championship Football or NCAA basketball?


“Right you are Nigel; the Elon side are an imposing squad of basketballers indeed.”

Am guessing Sheffield is probably better than what Elon usually has. Me and my kid see a fair bit of Patriot League games, and usually the one penetrator teams will have in this conference can get past his man well enough, but still struggles to finish in the paint. (Though that may be explained by the fact that the paint is clogged because the bigs are too slow to actually move)


Here’s all (?) the field goals from Elon’s lone D1 game vs. Ga Tech. Lots of Sheffield.