Game 28: Michigan State at Michigan Preview



I’m a little surprised the KenPom line is only 2. Does that take into account Ward’s injury?


No, it doesn’t account for Ward (other than including the Rutgers game).


I’ve got two words for you, Mr. Izzo: lunchmeat.


Isn’t that one word?:rofl:


You’re fast.


I’m kind of with Quinn in that I would feel more comfortable if Matthews guards McQuaid.


I think you’ll see some of that for sure. Would worry about Henry crashing the glass vs Poole. Michigan also switches a lot defensively.


And will frequently be cross-matched in transition defense.


I’m more interested in who McQuaid guards than who guards McQuaid.


I’m thinking McQuaid guards JP. We’ll see…less than 23 hours now.


That would be my choice if I was coaching MSU.


Sometimes you can overanalyze this stuff to the neglect of the more fundamental emotional factors. This is the most mentally tough Michigan team I have ever seen and their will to victory will prevail somehow.


Respectfully, this Michigan team hasn’t been through enough for me to make a judgment on that. We’ve had some doozies. 1989 won the title with an interim coach. 2017 nearly died in a plane crash, played in practice uniforms, and won four games in four days. Last year’s team won four games in four days again, then won the next five.

This team may be that tough. It’s got some players who certainly are. But we’ll find out in a few weeks.


Yep, that about sums it up. We know nothing at this point. It’s both incredibly scary and exciting at the same time.


Well, sure, now you’re using logic, that doesn’t apply.


anyone else think Beilein’s defense looks a lot like Syracuse these days
guard the perimeter with 4 and have a rim protector to greet anyone who drives


Syracuse runs the 2-3. We switch a lot, but two completely different styles.


What? Completely opposite. Syracuse gives up a lot of 3 attempts, we make a priority to limit 3 attempts.


Roll call.

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