Game 28: Michigan State at Michigan Open Thread

OH COME ON!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Xavier and Teske first met at the Ohio Kentucky All Star Game. I remember that game was highly discussed on this board between Xavier, Teske and Goodin


Ahh! Our favorite Ref DJ Carstensen is back.


Gonna jinx things, but that seems like a good crew. I vaguely recall Carstensen T’ing up Izzo in our game a few years ago. I like McJunkins too as one of the younger refs in the league, many of whom are not very good.

8 of last 10 Michigan games have gone under the number. Why do I think it’s going over 132 today?

It’ll be over 132 if Michigan wins, because Izzo LOVES end of game fouling ad infinitum.


Just think States turnover penchant gives us some runouts and fouls will certainly play into FT opportunities. I’m on the over 132.

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Sounds like Ahrens is playing from twitter

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I figured he would.

Villanova about to lose fourth straight game played on the road.

The trouble with Villanova is that they aren’t very good.

Neither is their League

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I wanted that win to count for something, but alas…

It counted as a personal retribution for Michigan but as a decent win too

It was still a Q1 road win.


Certainly, but I don’t think a reasonable committee will look at it as a particularly impressive quality win. It’s useful, but not something to hang our hats on. It once seemed like it might be.

T-8 minutes to tip!