Game 27: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread



Congrats to X making final 10 list for Nat’l D Player of the Year. You deserve this.


Officials for Michigan at Minnesota: Chris Beavers, Bo Boroski and Paul Szelc.


Paul Szelc was on the Penn State crew as I’m sure you remember. Should be interesting to watch.

Also of note, Minnesota gets to the free throw line more often than any other Big Ten team.


Was it Szelc or Riley who booted Beilein? I want to say it was Riley…?


Barn looks empty with a lot of Michigan fans to start


Picked the wrong week to stop drinking… sefk2


Can’t keep Murphy off the boards


I think Teske down low might be something good


Their style (throw shit at the rim and go get it) is a shitty one, but it definitely can work against us…


He was set for once


Why are you helping off of Poole to double Teske in the post?


Loved that inside/outside with Jon Teske and Jordan Poole!


Shhh, they’ll hear you.


That’s a mental mistake that good defenses don’t make. Hence Minny’s defensive ranking.


Boxed out Murphy better the last two D possessions.


Defensive rebounding is paramount tonight considering Minnesota throws so much crap at the rim and then tries to tip it in.


Tough to box out the shooter when you are recovering like that. The self-rebound.


Looked like Teske recovered on that spin move and got a piece of the ball. It just fell back in Murphy’s hands


Coffey 0-4 so far