Game 26: Michigan at Rutgers Preview

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Great preview… Eli and X have to be better protecting the ball tonight. X had 6 turnovers vs. these guys at MSG and some of them were just flat out weirdly careless. Live-ball turnovers are a recipe for disaster on the road


I’m not expecting another 20 pt night for Johns but hopefully he can continue to add a nice spark off the bench. Looking at the stat line from the last match up Teske had 13 pts, hopefully we can get him going in this game. Also looking for a better outing from X and Wagner’s 3 stroke to get better. Should be another close one.

The offence has really been clicking, with NW and IU basically not being able to guard us. If Livers plays, I’ll be curious to see whether a strong defensive team like Rutgers can prevent the great looks we’ve been getting in recent games.

Well the good news is we got a ton of great looks vs RU at MSG without Livers. Replicating that at the RAC is another story tho

Yeah, mentioned this in the preview but the way Rutgers defends sets up really well for Michigan – specifically Zavier Simpson. My question is if Michigan makes open looks, not if it gets open looks.

… maybe they change their PnR D tonight …

Possible? Sure. Executed well? Less likely. So much of this is a team’s identity.

… we were both right :grinning: