Game 26: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread

No Livers :frowning: ughh can’t catch a break

Feels like tonight would be the perfect time Cole gets the Nunez minutes and makes a couple shots

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And turns it over and misses multiple defensive rotations. I feel like a hostile road game is the last place for that to happen

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Nunez minutes have all but disappeared though, for good reason :wink:

Referees for Michigan at Rutgers: Larry Scirotto, Brandon Cruz and Don Daily.

Nothing would make me happier than to see Brandon Johns succeed tonight… kid deserves it and we all know more than capable of stepping up. Go Blue!

I really don’t like our chances without Livers. Hopefully he is 100% for Purdue. I am pretty upset as this game was our best chance for a road win.


Isaiah Livers’ health in mid-March is way more important than him being on the court right now.


I’m weirdly confident in Brandon and DDJ right now

Tonight would be the perfect time for Teske to break out of that slump, hoping his first shot falls and he gets some confidence back

That means Castleton will have to step up backing up BJJ.

I’m picking Franz as my player of the game 3-6 from deep, 10+ boards, Kenpom MVP

Ugh, Dan Bonner is the color guy. Looking forward to more uninformed and generic platitudes on tonight’s call.

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I’m a bit deflated with the Livers news. This is such a good opportunity to pick up a very nice win and continue to build on the momentum we have, then we have to do it without Livers. I have faith in Johns, but asking for him to step up on the road might be too much to ask.

Man Livers out tonight tough break for him three injuries and has missed numerous games hope he is not out a couple of weeks hope he is able to get rest and be ready for the Purdue game this weekend. Michigan needs to get one of these 4 games on the road and take the two at home and would feel safe to make tourney if only get the two home games then makes tourney bid little more questionable!

With livers I was very confident we finally get a big road win. Now it’s fifty fifty. I still like our chances but they take a hit.

Why would they let him do interview next day and he say he felt good and expected to play unless the MRI showed something wrong or the staff just being cautious and holding out?

This game reminds me of 2018 @ Penn State. Not many picked us to win, then Michigan played a really solid game and won.