Game 26: Maryland at Michigan Preview

Forgot about Cowan being on the all-D team last year over X. Knowing X plays best with a chip on his shoulder and coming off his worst game in a long time (ever?) this could be a great bounce back spot for him

Maryland has nice size and athleticism from their rotational group. Probably B1G best.

Still think we win this game though.

Dylan - How does Michigan rank at defending post ups?

60th percentile, 2nd in the Big Ten.

So those combined could speak to the quality of offensive post players in the conference, right? I’m just surprised that 60th percentile equates to 2nd in the B1G.

Correct. Most of the best post players are in the Big Ten.

Interested to see where our national ranking moves if we come out tomorrow with the W, the Penn State loss technically being a Q1 would have to be viewed better than say Kentucky losing at home right? And with the possibility of Kentucky dropping both games this week is the consensus we drop a few stops, stay the same or move up 1 or 2?

I’m pretty sure the PSU loss is worse than losing to LSU(even at home). Appearances aside, I would think it would be better to lose to the #15 team at home than to the #70 team anywhere. I very well may be wrong.

LSU home and PSU road are both Q1 losses… but you are referring to the polls which don’t care at all about that kind of thing (or matter).

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This could be a problem matchup against two athletic and skilled bigs. Also, Wiggins and Cowan can really stretch the floor with deep 3 point shooting.

The forward matchups will be tough for Livers, on defense and Johns, overall. Davis is too slow, and can’t jump with Fernando or Smith. Coach B won’t play him, but Castleton would at least counter those guys with length for short spells. If Iggy can’t score in this game, he has to show some value in other ways and be engaged (hustle rebounds, tapping out the 50 50 balls to teammates, etc). Sans the Rutgers game, lately Iggy seems very undersized in recent matchups. He struggles to finish over length, uses no up fakes when near the hoop as a counter against size, hasn’t developed a game of drive and kick out passing, and has not drawn fouls as much when going to the hoop.

Michigan for once needs a quick start in a home game. Just easier to establish a Jedi defense with an early lead.

Not to get too far of ourselves, but this is the type of match up that would have some indications of how Michigan would matchup against teams that play two traditional bigs like MSU and Tennessee.

This is a game where Teske has to dunk the ball on close finishes to the rim or his shot is getting swatted against the Terrapins’ length.

Biggest disappointment for me at Penn State was letting Dread get loose for a bunch of threes. Really curious to see how U-M does with Ayala/Wiggins today.

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What program do you use for those graphs? I’m a fan of the style.

Semiotic, a React data viz framework by Elijah Meeks.

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