Game 26: Maryland at Michigan Open Thread

Time to protect home court!!!

Roll call.

Present and ready to cuss at the officials through my TV, sir!

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Brando and Jackson = TV on mute


At least we don’t have the refs from the PSU game.

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…but you’re gonna miss out at how awesome Jim Jackson’s HS team was…

…and how Jim Jackson was the only baller on that team.

Let’s hope we don’t have the shooting from the PSU game.

For sure on that.

I am not sure why the letters by the names are broken ya’ll. Apologies. Will have to fix after the game looks like it would require re-booting the forum :rofl:

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Looking for Terrapins youth to be their undoing today. Let’s get some transition action going today Blue.

Lavin is hyping Michigan’s transition game. A solid start.


For me it works for some and not for others

Run the court in transition. No missed layups today.

Looks like custom icons are showing up, not the generic letters.

Should have been an and one

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Good sign?

Teske with two great defensive shifts to start the game


Iggy got to have that.

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Incredible defense to start