Game 25: Michigan at Penn State Preview

“Penn State is ranked in the 95th percentile nationally in offensive efficiency because of those steals.”
That can’t be right! Transition efficiency, maybe?

Correct, missed a word.

I think this is a dangerous, natural letdown spot. Dull atmosphere, Penn State has been very competitive the last 5 games, and they play their a**es off. If you just look at their record, though, they are easy to overlook. PSU’s length inside could also present some challenges finishing at the rim, making jump shooting even more critical.

The thing is…PSU might struggle to get to 50 points.

Yep. We don’t want a repeat of the 2013 game. Play with intensity,don’t be overconfident and play like you know you are the hunted and get the W. I assume Matthews will be guarding Stevens.

I think the coaches have everyone’s attention now with 2 MSU matchups on the near horizon… I do not see a subpar performance happening to Penn State… Defense will win the game and if we hit some 3s it will be a blowout IMO