Game 25: Indiana at Michigan Recap

I’ve watched a lot of Rutgers games lately as a buddy of mine is jumping on the Rutgers bandwagon. Not sure what the defensive numbers say, but their defense seems to have been dialed back where they aren’t pressuring as much and forcing as many turnovers.

Eli’s emergence as one of the best perimeter defenders in the conference is one of the great stories of this season


Isaiah says he feels good. Waiting on “the results” to come back. Presumably an MRI.


“I’m good. I’ve been just doing my rehab. Everything looks fine. We’re just waiting for results to come in but I feel fine for the most part.”

“It’s definitely looking positive, with my competitiveness I want to get out there and play. I’m just going to wait for what the trainers say and the coaches say but to me honestly, with how I’m walking around I’m kind of pain-free so I should expect to be out there Wednesday for sure.”


He’s definitely playing on Wednesday. They wouldn’t have put him back in the game if there was serious concern and they definitely wouldn’t have let him do a BTN interview answering questions about the injury if they felt he’d be out.


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