Game 25: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread

Officiating crew: Terry Wymer,Terry Oglesby,Lewis Garrison

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Dylan you in the building?

Wooooooooooooof Terry Wymer.


Wymer. This guy will come out of the sky and tip-dunk one for IU if they need a game winner. He’s got the candy stripes on underneath the buckeye pants.


Not Wymer the X hater.

I am not in the building for this one. Been sick all week so didn’t make the trip back to Crisler. Ethan is there holding it down.

Whooooo checking in from 207 row 40 let’s go boys…and let’s go crowd, looking real thin 30 mins out :confused:

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Wow between Wymer and Garrison, it is an uphill battle already

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Wymer reffed yesterday’s Wisky - Neb game in Lincoln.

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Wymer has done two games just about every weekend this year, FWIW. Ranked 2nd in KenPom’s rankings which are primarily based on volume.

iu fans are salty about this


Pretty lame manufactured outrage.


I have a hard time believing a 45 year old man is holding two decade old losses against a broadcaster.

Huh. Coaches do pre-game interviews with opposing local radio crews?

I’ve got a tournament with my jr high kids so I will be missing it. Go blue!

Sometimes, but Juwan Howard has not at any point this season AFAIK.

Pointless fact of the game: Archie Miller has 5 different packs of gum on the table. Plus his sweat towel and a water.


I’ve never understood professional bull riding.

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I bet Wymer is pretty pissed off about it, too. He might have to take that into consideration when deciding the calls.

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