Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Preview

I completely agree with your assertion that Michigan should guard Happ one-on-one. I feel confident in saying that Wisconsin wants the opposition to double team Happ to unlock their predominantly catch-and-shoot personnel, behind the arc. Especially with Teske in the game, Michigan should never send help – 2 points are less than 3 and Teske is a very solid post defender. You let the chips fall where they may and if Happ beats you with tough twos, so be it.


And Teske needs to not reach. We need you on the floor big guy.

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Praying for a start to this game like we had against Indiana at home!

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Well, yes and no - we definitely want Teske available for the whole game, but Davis should see action, particularly if the Badgers are in the bonus. Austin’s strength aligns perfectly with Happ’s weakness.


Even if Happ hits tough twos Michigan will roll them if they just don’t make dumb turnovers and shoot average from deep. The talent disparity is pretty large here

I’d really like to see livers take a larger roll on offense. I’d love to see some more z, Poole, iggy, livers, teske lineups. Still very good defensively but our offense would uptick imo.

I’m convinced livers being featured/ more aggressive would take us where we need to go. Guy should be getting 10-14 a Game imo.

Our main 6 is just too good to be struggling on offense.

What would you like Livers to do to get more points? He’s never proven to be able to do anything outside of spot up shooting or scoring on cuts. That’s fine, but its all peripheral. There’s not much to do to get him more offense unless you want to run him off more off ball screens for jumpers.

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I’m hoping that they will practice drawing charges - give Wisconsin a taste of its own medicine. Happ wants to ram his shoulder into the defender, and if we can turn that into a charge call, then Happ’s poor free-throw shooting is an added benefit.

I’d run him on the p n r more. I also disagree, he can get to the rack off the bounce and has shown he can work on the block. Even when he gets to the rim and misses it’s usually a nice looks

He’s very dangerous on the pick and pop as well. I’d like to use him as the screener.

One thing I do wish is he a couple times when up for really tough dunks, I’d like him to settle for the lay in,

Random: Why hasn’t the B10 suspended Davison yet?


Wisconsin basketball is the threshold of hell. I hope they lose every game from now until the sun burns out. Let’s start that losing streak for them tomorrow.


I nominate SuperDave41 to be our official pregame speech writer for our upcoming games against MSU.


I appreciate the nomination. If elected, I promise to unleash my wrath on MSU and their angry, little leprechaun of a head coach.


3 things that happened last game against Wiscy that won’t happen this time. M’s abundant tos,Iggy getting bageled, and the intentional foul call for fouling Happ. M WINS!


Wisky has some intel on Yak.

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And Yak has some intel on Wiscy. In fact, I’m pretty sure he has a lot of intel and has been meticulous in sharing that intel with Beilein, the coaching staff, and our players. Maybe we’ll jump a few passing lanes today for runout dunks! Go Blue!!!

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Seen the line has climbed a bit in Michigan’s favor