Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


You don’t call Happ raising his assist rate from 10% his freshman year to nearly 40% right now with a lower turnover rate an improvement? He’s 2nd in the damn country on Kenpom’s POY ranking. Watch him play, he works as hard as anyone on the court to get good post positioning. Saying he’s not a hard worker because of shooting issues is just 100% absurd. Some players are just poor shooters and there’s nothing they can do to fix that.


Haha that’s all you got is assist rate and he works hard on the court. That’s a heck of a reach there.

Ward has worked on a jumper, Teske has worked on improving his jumper. None of Happ’s game has improved. You don’t go into the gym on your own and work on passing.

His team and his NBA potential would be tremendously better if he developed a jumpshot and improved his FT percentage. He would be impossible to guard when a center/defender has to respect him ANYWHERE outside of the paint.


BS, has Charles not improved since his first year at Kentucky? Is his FT motion and percentage not improving this year? Maybe it’s actually fans who have unrealistic expectations of what Charles should be good at.

Charles and Zavier work HARD. They struggle with CONSISTENCY, not improving their game. Huge huge difference.


Rob Gray and Ethan Happ did not receive Christmas cards from @MaizeBlue10 this year. :rofl:


They’re going to Omoruyi and 2018-19 Houston basketball.


I can’t believe conclusions about a player’s work ethic are seriously being made here with shooting percentage being the sole backing point.

Yeah, how could I be dumb enough to use how hard he works in a discussion about how hard he works?

Assuming that because a player hasn’t been able to improve something they must not have even tried to is just… Ughhhhh.



Do you think stuff like this is just made up? Do you think you get to the point Happ is at without putting in work in the gym? Do you think he doesn’t put in the work on his FTs and jump shooting? Is there a 1 to 1 correlation between jump shooting and work ethic?

Ex 1:

“He has a tremendous work ethic,” Moore said. “He’s the first one in the gym and the last one out. Last year…he learned what he needed to get better at. This summer he put in the time and you see the production every day.”

Ex 2:

“That’s been every year,” Whiteman said. “Whenever he’s back, he’s constantly getting in the gym. He just doesn’t take any time off. That was one of the things we told him in high school was like, ‘Man, you need to take a break.’ He’s a kid that just has a passion and a work ethic.”


In a way, yeah absolutely made up. Every coach says their kids are in the gym all day. It’s pretty rare to hear a coach not use coachspeak like that. If he actually improved his game in a worthwhile way, he’d be in the NBA.

Neither of you can answer the question directly. What part of his game has improved? If he’s in the gym all day and night, what got better since he entered college?

I’m not sitting here saying he should be able to hit threes or drill jumpers at a high rate. The fact he can’t even shoot one is scary as hell. And if he was a guard growing up, did he not shoot? This isn’t a big who never had to shoot growing up.

Feel free to answer the question. And please don’t confuse God-given ability with hardwork.


I love it when know it alls derail every thread


Are you serious? I brought up his massive assist rate spike like 3 comments ago (he’s second in the entire conference as a center after starting at 10%) and you inexplicably dismissed it. What, is passing not part of basketball anymore?


Apparently you didn’t read the part where I said you don’t go in the gym on your own and pass the ball.

The fact you can’t answer what part of his game improved during his career is laughable. Please explain how he can’t learn how to shoot a lick in four years. It’s embarrassing he can’t quite frankly.