Game 24: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread

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Can’t imagine an already terrible fanbase has anyone there tonight. 8pm start, the team stinks, it’s snowing in Chicago and supposed to come down all night.

Win this game and go blue.

Lets go Blue!

Would love to see Simpson hit two threes tonight. It’s the home stretch for this Senior, time for him to show everybody.

X certainly has hit his fair share the last 2 games.

I hope they can create some opportunities for Franz to work the lane.

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Was watching a replay of the “Derrick Pardon” game on BTN today, and it was amazing to see X as a freshman and the glimpses at what are now routine! I give the man some credit for evolving his game and leadership, the shot accuracy has come a long way!

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U-M Starters: Simpson, Brooks, Wagner, Livers, Teske
NW Starters: Buie, Spencer, Kopp, Beran, Young
Officials: Paul Szelc, Kelly Pfeifer and Rob Kueneman


Internet is down here, so no TV feed for me.

Is Charles allowed to come play some defense for us??? :eyes:


I miss that guy. I wish Izzo had told him to stay in school.

Fox app working for anyone?

No it’s not working for me…

Game hasn’t started yet…

I don’t think Izzo would want to face a HEALTHY Charles Matthew’s again.

Creighton beat Seton Hall on the road tonight, OSU just almost blew a 20 point second half lead at home to Rutgers, and Auburn blew a 16 point home lead to Bama with OT about to start. Very interesting night of hoops so far.

Kansas losing to W Va also.