Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


Down goes Sparty 79-74. Three straight.


Thank you very much illini. Now let’s capitalize.


Opportunity knocks. Go take it now Blue!


Apparently they are still tired.


Gotta have this win now baby! Can propel us back into the driver seat for the regular season title!


The Matthews/Teske two man game was disgusting.


CM’s efficiency as a ball screen handler must be atrocious


Every time we need to stop a run I hope for a Simpson trip to the line.


Man these refs are trash, for once in our favor


Simpson’s also quietly improved as a FT shooter (knock on wood).


Thank you Poole


Pull away now


There you go Iggy

  • Teske sets screen for CM
  • CM does nothing with the screen, doesn’t drive the ball
  • Teske switches over and sets screen on other side of Matthews
  • CM dribbles to the side where Teske slid to
  • Repeat until Tom48160 vomits


So, uh, what’s a charge and what isn’t?


Fouls are set to random in this game.


Zion really likes this commercial break.


No idea. I just know that a stiff arm by an offensive player is not a foul unless the defender anticipates it and launches themselves back 15 feet.



NCAA needs to stop hiring this guy to be their director of officials: