Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread

Oops. Yea that wasn’t good

Johns on the floor. And Livers.

Fouls to our liking so far

Only two possessions I think for Johns.

Very weird substitution. Could’ve rested Teske longer with the under 12 coming up

Matthews with a rocking start

Matthews and Simpson have both been totally acceptable at the line in Big Ten play. 65.3% For Matthews and 70.6% for Simpson. Nice development.


Cold blooded Matthews

Who is that in the #1 jersey?

Textbook NO NO NO NO YES possession for CM


Unbeatable when our NBA players play like NBA players!


Hit 2 foul shots, a 3 and get a massive block … I was ok with the heat check there.

Thats the CM we’ve been looking for.

Nojel Eastern for Purdue has had a similar jump. Weird to see 3 liabilities become acceptable so quickly

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Matthews has that NBA swagger at least some times lol

Matthews came to play tonight

We were up 10 when Beilein went to the bench. Fortunately, he left Charles in.

We are really focused tonight you can see it in their eyes.

I’ve been enjoying them really look to push the ball on every change of possession. A real sense of purpose.

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