Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


You guys exhaust me talking about the refs :rofl:


Iggy is cold blooded tonight


Hey at least half of it is how many bad calls there were against Rutgers earlier


43 years of bad calls, especially at home, will do that to you.


Shon Morris does not watch Michigan basketball if he thinks it’s time for a Teske post up.


The 1-4 pick and pop to Ignas Brazdeikis has been money all night for Michigan. He’s up to 20 points on 11 shots.


There have been at least 4 or 5 awful calls that have gone against Rutgers (or haven’t been called on Michigan). It is part of basketball, it all comes out in the wash.


They are not defending the Iggy pick and pop well at all. He’s getting open looks every time.


Yay for uncontested threes!


Impressive game by Iggy !!


Z in triple double territory yet again. 9 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. He’s unreal.


I have been watching that.


Definitely not zero turnovers this time though


X - 9pts -7boards - 7assts


“Now would be a great time for a Teske post touch”

Iggy immediately hits an open pick and pop 3


Beilein needs to have Iggy teach Poole how to take a college three. Man looks like his toes are barely behind the line each time.


Great counter to the over play on the 1-4 pick and pop


Who has the record for the most sky hooks by a point guard ?


Andrew Dakich, accidentally.


Lou al Simpson