Game 22: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread

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Michigan-Michigan State officials: Larry Scirotto, Paul Szelc and Rob Riley.

Scirotto and Szelc - yikes

As if Rob Riley is any better

I don’t think it matters who the officials are. Every game I’ve watched this weekend has had lots of foul calls and way to many reviews.


I’m kind of thinking this will work out how Memphis/Houston did. UM is the better team but MSU needs/wants it more and it will be a close game late.

That’s also what’s happening in the Liberty-UNA game

Michigan rolls.


I just don’t want the crew that called MSU-OSU. That was rough.


Hadn’t heard an update on Rockets position in weeks. Thanks Tom. Hoggard and Hoiberg should have PG covered.


So this is the great counterpunch ol’ Tom had up his sleeve.


I think we will know what type of MSU team shows up based upon the first 10 mins today. They might win in a tight game but this game means a lot for MSU.

Honestly I think the Illinois stuff combined with it being MSU should be plenty motivation for us to win


Watts reminded Izzo that he would rather come off the bench…I guess.

More Rocket at the 2 position. Who’s minutes get cut, Langford or Brown? I can’t see Izzo playing small ball all game.

When in doubt, count on Brown getting passed over.

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I think MSU has to play smaller … they had power forwards guarding Michigan’s best players. Not a winning combo.

Brown needs to play four most of the game IMO.

Has to be Langford because Brown is a 4.

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Will Henry slide to the 4 if Langford is on the court?