Game 22: Michigan at Iowa Open Thread

Tonight’s officiating crew for Michigan at Iowa: Terry Wymer,D.J. Carstensen and Lewis Garrison.

I got in on the over at 140.5. Probably should have waited to see if it keeps dropping.

But I’m down now. Commence Matador, Hawkeyes!!

Is this the 8th M game this season for Carstensen?

Believe it is his 9th.

Garrison and Wymer were in State College last night, racking up those Delta SkyMiles.

Yeah I watched that game.

I believe Bo Borowski went from the game in Ann Arbor on Tuesday to Rutgers in New Jersey on Wednesday and I saw him in Tempe, Arizona for Arizona-ASU last night. That’s nuts.

Thats the thing I don’t understand with college basketball officiating. A schedule like that is not setting a guy up for success.

They are independent contractors, so their success is their money.

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Iv heard a couple times in the past where there have been weather issues and some guys have done a D1 noon tip, drive across state lines, and do a D1 night game. Wild.

Pretty close to that time of the season for Matthews time. Tonight would be a great game to start it this year!


I think we’re still a couple weeks out but it’d be a pleasant surprise if it started early this year! The Big 10 schools just seem to know how to defend him. Luckily for us Iowa doesn’t defend anyone!


Garza looks like a huge version of Mick, the bad guy basketball player from Teen Wolf.

Hey a clock problem on a Friday night! Seen that before.

Game hasn’t even tipped off yet and Brando has already hit the “Matthews is a Kentucky transfer”, “Poole hit a buzzer beater last March”, and “Iggy is Canadian” bullet points.


And “John Beilein has never been an assistant”. He’s already hit all the talking points.


“Beilein has never been an assistant” is also checked off the list.

This should be a great matchup for Eli

Well less than ideal start with the fouls

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This is ridiculous already.