Game 21: Michigan vs. Rutgers Open Thread

Michigan is 1-0 when I attend at MSG. Will be at the game today. If my math checks out, this is a lock


Officiating crew for Michigan-Rutgers: Donnie Eppley, Brandon Cruz, and Bill Ek.

A lot of Rutgers fans in the building here…

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! Someone had to step up today and endure the crowds in NYC and at MSG…for the TEAM! Go Blue!!!

If we can somehow win these next three games M will be back in the hunt for top 5 in the conference. Go X and Go Blue!

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No need to thank me for my service. I do it for the people


Feel good about Rutgers defensive matchup with X running ball screens. Gotta think we’ll be able to hit enough shots to win this one, but it will be an entertaining game. Also curious to see if they decide to start staying home on wings and force Simpson to take shots.


I’ve got a feeling Rutgers is going to come out on fire with the ‘home’ crowd and it will be important for Michigan to match that energy to thwart starting in a hole

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Why on earth did Michigan agree to a road home game?

Edit: I know… It’s money but still

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Ron Harper sleeps with jeans on


I hate that it’s a home conference game we’re giving up. If we want to appease the alumni then just schedule a non-conference game there. I like Warde Manuel a lot but I question his decision making when it comes to scheduling sometimes.

I know MSG advertises itself as “the world’s most famous arena” but is it actually famous outside of this country?

Michigan’s home intro videos are playing here and met with hearty boos and jeers from Rutgers fans…


Because our AD has Jim Delaney disease. They’ll cut off their own face for an extra cent of tv money


With the NBA’s explosion internationally over the last 20 years and how insignificant the Knicks have been I’d assume the Staples Center is the world’s most well known arena right now.

Great job gaining position by Big Sleep

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Drawing fouls against Johnson I imagine is going to be an emphasis