Game 21: Michigan State at Michigan Open Thread

I had my money on Boroski being on the Sunday game. But I guess Izzo would rather get a close game on senior night in AA. Kueneman tossed Holtmann in the MSU-OSU game. Pfeifer is my kind of ref - you can’t remember he was even there.

Boroski’s last two MSU games: 30 point loss to Iowa, 30 point loss to Rutgers.


Senior night for @ethansears too.


Line is going to move to -30 by tipoff

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Well Ethan from what I’ve seen on here from you I’m sure you will excel in your next stop


Starters for U-M: Smith, Brooks, Wagner, Livers, Dickinson.

MSU going with Watts, Langford, Henry, Hall and Marble.

Pretty sure that is yet another new starting lineup for Michigan State.


Don’t let Illinois beat you twice.


No Brown seems…questionable


Ok, let’s wrap this thing up tonight so my “Big 10 Champions” gear is here in time for March Madness…


Remember you are the hunted and play with energy and focus. Mike Smith play within yourself.

Marcus or Chaundee?

Remembering the 2014 B1G tourney game (I think that’s when it was) when Izzo made an obvious and concerted effort to get Morgan out of the game early with fouls (there was a huge drop-off once you got beyond Morgan) … and it worked.

Would not be surprised to see some flopping around Hunter early and often - he may have to be careful.

Gabe for MSU

Right Gabe. Shows how much I knows about the Sparties! :wink:

I think MSU is trying to come up with a line up difficult for their opponent. In this line up smith has to guard Watts, I bet Sparty tries to back him down.

I mean, Watts post ups aren’t really a staple of his game. He should be better defending Smith than Hoggard, though.

They will probably never see this but I wanted to take a big shout out to our seniors…they had a season cut short while warming up on the court in Indy last year, they have fought tooth and nail this season in empty gyms night in and night out.

Thank you to all the seniors for what you’ve done for our school and for our program!