Game 20: Michigan at Nebraska Recap

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Here’s the post-game presser:

Ban auto bench

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Credit to Nunez for having the confidence to keep shooting. He clearly subscribes to Quincey Simpson’s philosophy on shooting, which is “you got to be willing to miss a lot of shots in order to make a lot of shots.” Also, two of his misses resulted in easy offensive putbacks, which I attribute in part to the defense being totally unprepared for his unexpected (and unadvised) shots early in the shot clock.


Baird not only got [very] rare 1st half game time, but he also got airplay in the post game writeup! What a long way he has come from student manager.


Play eight minutes and you make the recap!


I thought tonight was an example of what Eli Brooks could bring to a U-M team next year if it has multiple one-and-dones. He knows how to pick his spots and could be really valuable as a senior with a group that might have a lot of guys figuring out college hoops.


Franz needs to be stronger with the ball. Probably stronger everywhere. Alas, young frosh.
Had to have a W and got it. Onwards to MSG.


I probably shouldn’t take much from this game but I couldn’t help but let it make me feel a bit better about next year. I think Franz could be a star. Brooks will be a steady hand. Livers could be back. Todd and Johns playing inside outs. The offense generated decent shots(albeit against a dreadful defense). Team defense next year is scary though.

It is maddening, especially when it meant playing Nunez and a walk-on tonight. Michigan has a lower 2 foul participation rate this season than under Beilein last year!

Howard is seemingly analytically-conscious given his offensive and defensive principles, so it makes little sense to me.


Nice try but in no way should Nunez get credit for any of that. He wouldn’t see the floor if not for the absences.

Yea, I’m interested in what everyone’s thoughts on Franz is so far. Kid obviously has potential and I think he’ll be a nice player but as of now he kind drives me crazy.


Franz seems like a pretty easy sophomore breakout candidate. He will benefit from some rest, health, strength and conditioning, experience, etc.

The thing I’m not sure about is what he looks like in two weeks or four weeks near the end of the season.


He seems like a typical, talented freshman, with a lot of fire in his belly. I think coaches often value consistency above almost all else. Franz seems like he’s going to be a special player as he continues to grow!


Franz frankly reminds me of Mo as an underclassman in that he is dripping with talent but will make you shake your head as well at times. Obviously Franz is farther along than Mo was as a Freshman, but he still needs to grow a bit. He will be an absolute stud next year IMO.


Franz has shown more wiggle and handle than I thought he had and less shooting ability.


If Franz and the 2018 class as a whole could find some consistency this would be a completely different team and a very different season than what we’ve experienced.

If x is back next game and livers sometime soon there is still an outSide shot to make something happen here.

Hopefully this will springboard Johns into a more confident player from here on out. They could really use him to play with that energy, confidence and aggressiveness. Just adding that one extra guy you could count on for offense and around the rim would be huge for this roster.

Also was really happy to see Colin look like the guy we saw late last year and early this year tonight.

I get on all fronts it was against a really bad team but just to get these guys doing some thing positive and gaining confidence in themselves would really help with their psyche to trust themselves going forward. Could help them to be ready to step up against a better opponent.

While you’re correct…that isn’t the story really with Wagner. Almost every three he takes is a wide open catch and shoot and instead of hitting 40% like all evidence and data would suggest…he’s scuffling big time. If he were hitting even 35% you might flip a couple of the close losses to wins. Need to get his form and confidence fixed more than anything. I liked that he found other ways to score.

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Is there any way Brenden can ask coach what he needs to see from Bajema to earn a shot? Inexplicable from what little info we have that he can’t sniff the floor in a game like this.

I would say that it is likely he’s just not there on defense yet and needs time in the off season to get stronger…but Nunez is a horrific defender who hasn’t done anything on offense and Baird is a walk on who might be a good shooter but offers nothing else.