Game 20: Michigan at Indiana Preview

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This morning’s KenPom recalculation now has Michigan winning by a score of 66-62. It’s happening!!

Also, the line has shifted from M -3.5 to -4.5.

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Indiana is + 170 on the ML tonite, for all those Assembly Hall jinx subscribers.

I’m a little fuzzy on money line bets…does this mean that a bet of $100 on IU would get you $170 if they win?

It equates to 1.7:1 odds. Betting $100 would win you $170. You would turn $100 into $270.


Got it, thanks!

Up to + 180 now.

Obviously reacting to this tweet:


This is hard to believe. Sounds like a set up to me.

If true, wow. But I don’t know if I believe that.

Another random IU student on twitter says it was two random players who aren’t good anyway

But who!?

(Probably not anyone who’s ever gotten into a game.)

Line up to 4.5 and ML up to + 190. I know M attracts a lot of play nationally, but these are significant moves.

Sharps or Homers, a lot of bettors think M is going to win.

10k feet in the air right now. Really hoping the WiFi is good enough to get me the radio atleast…

Update: It isn’t

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